Copper Dies

Ideal for:
• Hot foil stamping
• Single level embossing

Copper retains heat well for excellent results when foil stamping. It is more durable than magnesium, and a highly recyclable material. The process in which copper dies are made is called photo etching.

Foil Stamping Dies
The most common application for copper dies is hot foil stamping. Foil is transferred from a roll onto a substrate using heat and pressure.

Copper dies can be used to foil stamp on many different substrates. There are a wide variety of foil types. There are metallic foils, pigment foils, pearl foils, tint foils, special effects foils, and holographic foils. Each type of foil adds a unique look to your finished project.

Embossing Dies
Copper embossing and debossing dies are perfect for single level work. The strength of copper allows hundreds of thousands of impressions. Copper embossing dies have a bevel in the 30° – 40° range. If a specific bevel is required for your project you should use a die made of brass.

Double Etch Dies
As the name implies, double etch dies are etched twice. This extra step allows design flexibility. You can combine stamping and embossing. You can work with patterns, textures, and microlines. There are special artwork requirements for double etch dies. We are happy to help you with the planning process.