Brass Dies

Ideal for:
• Combination Foil Stamping and Embossing
• Multi Level Embossing
• Sculpted Embossing
• Beveled Embossing

Considered the top of the line, the most intricate and creative embossing is done using brass dies. Brass dies are versatile and durable. They’re milled on a CNC machine, photo etched, or sculpted by hand. Often a combination of these processes is best — it depends on the artwork and the look you want to achieve.

Embossing Dies
The possibilities for brass embossing dies are endless.  If you are not sure how to achieve the look your customer wants, we can help!  You can count on the  experience and talent of our master engravers to produce the high quality work E. C. Schultz is known for.

Combination Dies
When a job requires both stamping and embossing a combination die may be the answer. Combining both processes on a single die eliminates registration issues between two separate dies.

Foil Stamping Dies
Brass dies are used for foil stamping under special circumstances. When foil stamping on extremely long press runs, brass dies will stand up well under intense pressure and excessive wear. Brass is also used to create clear, sharp, deep bevels for stamping on padded material. Brass is superior for stamping on  case bound books where it is necessary to flatten the texture of the substrate.